Ken Rodger – 1956 FJ-225

Ken is a country boy born and bred and proud of it. This is obvious whenever you get to have a chat with him. Ken, now a retired gentleman of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has a story about his interest in Humpies which is intimately entwined around his life. His story reflects a little of country life in the 40’s and 50’s and is a slice of living history about the introduction of Holden’s to the country. Maybe it’s best to let Ken tell the tale in his own words…

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Dennis Gardner – 1955 FJ-215

Dennis is a retired gentleman who hails from Sydney’s western suburbs.

He was born in the North West of NSW and spent most of his life traveling and working in the North West and Central West of NSW before moving to Sydney. If you give him a minute, he will regale you with tales of his misspent youth and of the many jobs at which he was employed. Those tales, Tall and True, are themselves a history lesson.

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