Howard Smith



This story is not about a club car, but it helps to explain my love of our cars. I obtained my driver’s license in 1961 at age 17 after 6 lessons in a Vauxhall Victor. My first drive as a li- censed driver was in a 1938 Chev 2 door of a friend of mum’s. Three on the floor and in control, I was in heaven. In 1962 mum (a widow) forked out a hard earned £200 on a 1952 48-215 Holden. It had had a rough life in its first 10 years on the road but we (me especial- ly) were over the moon. We had to have some rust repairs in the floor (you could see the road) and had it tar sprayed underneath by a business in Parramatta to stop any further rust rot. Next we had seat belts fitted, which was a bit ahead of the times in 1962. A firm at Bankstown airport did the fitting, they had a background in the aircraft industry and were the seat belt experts at that time.

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